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Library Guide for Diversity, Inclusion and Awareness: Home

This Guide has been created to shed light on the many resources available to students both in the Library and online that focus on the needs and challenges of current students.


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How to Use this Guide

This Guide was created in cooperation with the faculty and staff of Manor College to point students toward resources that can help them navigate through some issues that have been brought to light over the last few years. 

While many people do not actively think of themselves as bigots or feel genuine prejudice towards a person or group of people, all of us do practice some kind of implicit bias when we engage with others. Our attitude, words or use of body language that shows discomfort, can make another person feel that you are looking at them differently or making a judgment. That action can cause a person to feel hurt, anger, shame, anxiety, or confusion. Sometimes, someone can expressive something offensive accidentally. Knowing more about the people around us can help to not make snap judgments or notice when other may be making incorrect assumptions about others.

The Guide was put together with the hope of exposing students to points of view that they may have not considered, or cared to consider, before. Often just listening to another person's experience can help move us to a place of empathy and away from fear. This Guide is not authoritative nor complete. If you are a Manor College student and would like to contribute, please contact a Librarian to add content.


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