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First-Year Skills: Online Research

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How Can I Know Where Online Info is From?

You can almost always find the author, sponsor, or publisher of a website in the "About Us" section, sometimes called "Who We Are" or maybe under "Contact Us". Sometimes its takes some digging to uncover the individuals behind sites. If you can't find this info- that's probably a red flag. This is usually found toward the bottom of the page, as if the publication date. You will need this info for your citations as well so its a good idea to get in the habit of finding this before you take what the website is saying as reliable information. If you're not sure of a website's credible- ask us!


The majority of people will only look at the first three results in a search. The problem is anyone can write and publish a website. You take time to investigate and evaluate the web sources you are using. There are 5 criteria to use when evaluating websites Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. This is called the CRAAP Test. See the comic below for more information


Summing it All Up!

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