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First-Year Skills: Presentations

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Chances are that in college you will have some class assignments that require you to to create a presentation. This will provide you with the opportunity to improve your public speaking skills and team-building skills (if it is also a group project). As well learning how to be persuasive while using more visuals and less wording. These are great skills to perfect because regardless of whichever career path you choose you will be expected to have and use them.

Other important things to be mindful when making a presentation:

  • Remember to include a citation for any statistics, facts, figures or online images you use.  This also includes any information you use directly or paraphrase. Bennett College has a great tutorial on how to cite MLA style in presentations. See here.
  • When using images for your presentations try to use images that are under a Creative Commons (CC) license. This is because these type of images have less copyright restrictions and allow users to reuse or even make changes to their images without needing permission first. Make sure to read the CC license of an image thoroughly before using or alternating it. Some do have restrictions or request for credit to be given to the original creator.

The following are recommended websites for finding images under a Creative Commons license:

  1. Creative Commons
  2. flickrcc
  3. Multicolor Search Lab
  4. Morguefile
  5. Google Images to search for Creative Commons licensed images in Google, on the results page to the right under the search box is an option to select Tools. After selecting Tools you will see another menu featuring Size, Color ... Usage Rights. Under Usage Rights you will find options for images such as, "labeled for reuse" or "labeled for noncommercial use" which you may use.


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