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First-Year Skills: Additional Tips and Resources

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Additional Tips

College will be a fun and exciting new journey for you. You will experience more freedom.  For example, you will get to decide what classes you will take, at what times and with which instructors. At the same time, however, there will be increased responsibility. You will have to manage your time and figure out how to balance school with work, extra-curricular activities, family and friends etc. Figuring how to manage your time effectively and efficiently will become essential during your first month of school.

Not only is it important to live a balanced life but to also attend classes. Sometimes it is impossible to attend each class, but at the same time try to make an effort to miss no more than three classes per semester. If you are taking online classes, make sure to give yourself extra time for potential distractions.

Try to establish good and consistent study habits such as studying in chunks, creating a study schedule, and studying in the right atmosphere.

Most importantly, don't forget to ask for help from your teachers and all of the other departments and resources at Manor College that exist to support and help you succeed, including the Library!


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